By Admin, December 11, 2018

Melodier – Melody of Exclusive Fragrances

Normally, room air freshener masks bad odour in room and when the smell of air freshener goes off, one may smell the bad odour again. Here lies the difference in our brand melodier. We are blending a special imported deodorizer in our product which first deodorizes the room. And after a few seconds, essence of melodier gradually spreads in the room. It keeps the air so fresh that one can feel the difference even after hours.

It is very good to use in air conditioned rooms, toilets and even in bedrooms before sleep.

We have seven variants in Melodier to suit different choices and moods. In our sweet lavender and exotica, we are using essential oils which are believed to give relief from anxiety and stress.

Other variants are Pink Heaven (Rose), White Princess (Jasmine) , Mystic Lily, Aqua Bliss and Serenity

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